Akita Friends Scrapbook

Page One

Page Two
Diamond's Heir to Katahdin

Page Three
Karen Campbell and Ice

Page Four
Islay Heyd's Nikki and Boss

Page Five
Carrie Keays and Geordie

Page Six
A Pregnant Alien

Page Seven
Britain's Nik and Hoti

Page Eight
Rachel Peeples' Pup

Page Nine
Christmas Photos

Page Ten
Nyla Haddy's Family

Page Eleven
Bill and Val Nichols Snow Pics

Page Twelve
Shebogi's New Digs

Page Thirteen
Islay Heyd (Miss Pie Eye-Lee)

Page Fourteen
Nancy Lamm's Snow Pics

Page Fifteen
O.J and Kandy Ray & family

Page Sixteen
Nutmeg's Champion "Clio"




Special Tributes

Nansi Mitchell's Smoki at 14 

Barbara Mallar's Chai  

Jim and Carol Sjoberg's Matsumi 


Saturday Pictures

Sat, Oct. 19, 2002
Jim and Carol Sjoberg's Lulu and Queen Bea in Texas 

Sat, Oct. 26, 2002
More Queen Bea in Texas, Pie's stool, Kilt Boy 

Sat, Nov. 2,  2002
Akasta puppies


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