Treatment Detail - Rampak Oil Treatment

The baths must be continued for the rest of the dogs life. Naturally, since this is just treating the symptoms so if you stop, the symptoms will return. This is not a cure and should not be confused as one.

Begin with the baths every two weeks. Do three baths at this interval, then switch to every three weeks. Stay at the three week interval for four baths, then switch to every four weeks which should be the program for life. Michael tried a five week interval but he noticed the coat getting brittle again and the odor returned so every four weeks was as long as he would go.

As I said in the story, I turn Taka on his back on a plastic tarp and rub the oil in from underneath. I can cover most of him in this position. Then I have him stand up and do the rest. You will find that using an empty dish detergent bottle is helpful for squirting the oil on. I massage the oil into his skin as much as possible.

You must totally soak the dog - every inch except for his eyes/muzzle and the inside of his ears. Taka is 27" tall and weighs 100lbs. It generally takes me about 30minutes to soak him in oil. Now that his coat is very thick I use nearly a gallon of oil. I use pure mineral oil - the link is below.

Once that is done he will naturally shake - beware of this one, they sling oil all over. This is one reason I do this in the yard. Even on concrete, the oil will linger for some time. The next step is to let the oil soak to the skin for two hours and not let him lick it off. So we walk, play or I'll have him down/stay in the kitchen (on sheets) while I work.

After two hours, use a mild shampoo (I now use the Editerm but it's expensive - $100/gal) and bathe the dog lightly, rinse, then bathe again. I generally just wash the "coat" not the skin. The first few treatments I used a pure baby shampoo from a health food store and that worked well. Make sure it is as fragrance and chemical free as possible.

Then let the dog dry. The coat will be a little oily for a few days - I use a towel or paper towel to pat him dry. I also have special sheets that I put over his bed for those first few days and I wash them a lot. I have crate pads for the beds and I've wrapped them in large trash bags to keep the oil from soaking through to them. I'm lucky that I have a dog room with a brick floor.

DO NOT let you animal get on your carpet while his coat is still oily. I made this mistake and the carpet absorbed the oil from his coat and then attracted the dirt like a magnet. Michael and I each have a special carpet just for the dogs. Mine is a large area rug - 9x12 - that I bought at the home improvement store. It's mostly black so doesn't show dirt and when it gets gross I take it outside and wash with hot water and Dawn detergent. The dog will be oily to the touch for about a week - after that, you can enjoy the animals natural coat without the greasy feel.

Here is a photo taken of Taka during his last oil. This was about 30 minutes after the treatment - you can see even with his thick coat that some of the oil had started to soak in:

I did his first two treatments with very pure olive oil. I have to be careful with Taka because of his allergies and try to choose products that are very pure. The oilve oil did not leave the best smell and was very heavy. I found a source on the Internet ( for pure mineral oil - $8.00/gal - and that is what I use now. I just ordered a 5-gal pail! LOL! Taka takes a lot of oil!

Michael reprimanded me because in the beginning I was doing the treatment every week. He said the skin needs time to heal and adjust so to bathe every 10-14 days. He said by the 8th or 9th day I would see large flakes of dandruff in his coat - dead skin sloughing off. He was right. Now, when I oil him his coat becomes covered in these - it's so incredible. I took a close up here:

That's about it. I didn't do as good of a job bathing him last time and he stayed a "little" greasy longer but it wasn't a problem. All the other oil treatments I saw on the web were different from Michael's. They said oil the dog, let soak 30 minutes then wash with a degreaser like Dawn. DUH! What good does that do? I think the length of the soak (2 hours) and then the gentle washing is the key.

As you can see from the side comparisons of Taka the growth was rapid. That "molting" look occurred less than 12 days from the first bath. I would think you will see immediate improvement in your dog.

For clean-up - I usually hose the tarp off with hot water. I have a hot water spigot outside. The tarp is a large plastic tarp from a home improvement store.

While the oil is soaking in I put him on old sheets - usually several layers. If you keep the dog inside you should put him on a hardwood or linoleum floor - definitely not carpet.

I wash the sheets in hot water with Dawn. I interrupt the cycle and let the sheets soak in hot water in the washing machine for about 30 minutes.

Diet and Supplements

Moducare and Primal Defense  before each meal (see below)

With meal:
Fish Oil……..............2000MG (I get this at Sam's store)
Omega 3-6-9………….2400MG (approx) (Vitamin Shoppe -
Flax Oil………...........1000MG (Vitamin Shoppe)
Vitamin A……..........25,000 IU (Vitamin Shoppe)
Vitamin E……...........240IU (Vitamin Shoppe)

With meal:
Fish Oil………...........2000MG
3-6-9……..........…….2400MG (approx)
Ester C…….........…..2000MG (for digestion - optional)

I buy the softgels on everything I can and just mix them into his food.

Moducare and Primal Defense

These are natural supplements to aid in the immune system and to detox the body. I started these on the advice of Susie Keener, who treated her dog Lucky with these products. The links for them are:

I do not think Taka would be enjoying his good health without them. Below is a letter that Susie wrote explaining the treatment and dosage using these products. Here again, if you have any questions please contact me:

Susie's Letter:

SA is a hideous disease. I cannot tell you how happy I am about Taka. I was on pins and needles there for months and months as one always has to stay on top of this and I felt like if he didn't get better, I would have failed. I really believe that the immune system needs to be worked on in this disease and aggressively so. And I also believe in the oil baths as well, although Lucky never had those, he does have to have shampoo soaks or oils rubbed in on hairless spots to regrow hair.

You CAN take Moducare with antibiotics. It has no interference or interaction with any drug, only exception is steroids and one has to take a higher dosage with steroids, so she can start right away. Also I don't know if she has to blast the girls system with Primal Defense as you did with Taka. Although I think it did Taka good and he obviously had a healing crisis, I think maybe the Moducare might be enough...who knows.

Moducare: first week (or two) loading dosage. 6 caps daily divided into 3 dosages on EMPTY stomach. Thereafter, 1 capsule 3 times a day on empty stomach.

Never take more than 2 caps at one time as body can only absorb 2 at one time. I usually give Lucky 1 or 2 in the morning and 1 or 2 at night, depending on what I feel like. But he is well stabilized, having been on it two years. Moducare also balances DHEA/cortisol ratio so it helps all stress related conditions.

It is an immune balancer, all autoimmune conditions should be on Moducare. A bit of natural vitamin E/selenium helps with Moducare. (200-400 IU) Also if she wants to do Primal Defense ...of course as you know, start SLOW. No need to rush. This supplement can be mixed with food.

For Primal Defense I would start off with only one cap, then every few days go up one cap until she gets to 5 or 6 and she can determine if she wants to go beyond that or not. Be aware there may be some detoxification with this product. I would have her on this product mainly to help the stomach balance itself out after antibiotics, and to help with parasites, etc. Most people do not know that the stomach is an essential part of the immune system.

BUT I consider Moducare to be the most important supplement. I am just thinking about the antibiotic damage. Also, some good acidophilus is very important. Enzymes (while not directly related to SA) are important to add to food, especially kibble, to reduce the load on
the body. A basic vitamin-mineral supplement for dogs is always good. (ask around on the pet lists for a recommendation). Of course, Essential Fatty Acids in the form of flax oil/salmon oil etc. I always take these on food with enzymes.

With her thyroid...I think adding a glandular is a must. Lucky has been
taking thyroid for years and while it never addressed the SA symptoms
(staph, crusts, hairloss, etc.) it did help his muscle tissue, energy, etc but being on these holistic pet lists for so long has caused me to put him on a glandular for his thyroid. I also am thinking about kelp.

This is a lot to think about and I feel kind of uncomfortable doing recommendations EXCEPT for Moducare..that product is indispensable and
whether it will work miracles for her doggie, I do not know, what I DO know is that SA is a disease of the immune system, and Moducare is the best immune balancer I know of. I saw rapid improvement in Lucky before half the bottle was gone and we never looked back. The most important thing is he never went back to fevers/depression/antibiotics/crusts/staph. A little minor hair-loss a
couple times in 2 years, I'll gladly live with.

There is much more that I have learned, Juju...all kinds of worlds opening up to me. There is a lady called Marina might have heard about her. A LOT of people trust her implicitly and she has a wealth of knowledge. A few people on Wellpet emailed me urging me to contact her about problems I've been having with my cats and I am going to call her about Lucky also. (he's doing fine but I'd like to help him even more, he's starting to limp around) She employs all kinds of healing modalities and best of all, she is FREE to consult. She spent 1/2 with me on the phone helping me with my cat, she is wonderfully caring, she is available as much as you need her.

The people that emailed me about her said they trust her more than any vet and she has pulled their dogs out of crisis's and chronic illnesses when no one else could and she'll stick with it. She has some amazing products that I think would really help! DId you know there are homeopathic remedies for staph??!! If I would have known that.......Also so very important is to support that liver...

If your lady is interested, I will give her Marina's phone number. She really is amazing and will bend over backwards to help. She's light years ahead of me but whatever she suggests, I will STILL have that puppy on Moducare for life. is her website and lots of people know her and rely on her. I'm not trying to pass the buck here...I am really excited about her help, but I will be available to help however I can!

Moducare at the BEST price.

Susie Keener and Lucky